Candidate for President of the Women's Missionary Council
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church - 17th Quadrennial Assembly

Seven Step Action Plan

In June of 2011, clergy and delegates of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church will come together for the 17th Quadrennial Assembly at which time the 10th President of the Women’s Missionary Council will be elected.  I humbly seek the support of the Bishops and Missionary Delegates for my candidacy to become the next President of the WMC.  If elected, I pledge to implement—with the help of WMC members—an action plan which includes the seven initiatives below.   My SEVEN STEP ACTION PLAN IS inspired by a strong commitment to fulfilling Christ’s mission and will require a dedicated investment of human capital and a bold commitment to the principles of basic human rights.  I will call upon the members of the WMC to devote our talents and resources to this cause.  Awareness, advocacy and action are the primary vehicles for worldwide delivery of VISIONARY LEADERSHIP THROUGH ESSENTIAL SERVICE POISED FOR 21st CENTURY 2011-2015.  We will invite all CME members to join us on this journey and accept this mission:
  • PRAYER FOR GUIDANCE — Coming from a spiritual home, I believe that we have a responsibility to love one another.  Through prayer, faith and an accepting belief in a higher being, one can weather the storms of life and exemplify what it means to be a servant leader.
  • MISSIONARY BIBLE READINGS — I believe when families focus on the Bible virtues such as honesty, integrity, courage, morality, faith, decency, wisdom, peace and harmony, they create solid foundations upon which we build our lives.
  • STAND UP FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH POISED FOR THE 21st CENTURY — This signature program will impact the lives of 20,000 boys and girls in grades Pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade, by providing enhanced academic preparation and character building.  The increasing demands of the 21st century mandate our youth to be better leaders at a younger age, making smart choices with positive consequences.
  • YOUNG & ADULT LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT MAKING A DIFFERENCE — Mentoring new leadership will be a priority as it relates to empowering others to take on leadership roles.  Seminars will be held on the topic "Now You are Elected" from the Council level to the local Church.  Diversity in leadership will help to sustain the Missionary Council in years to come.
  • ARTS AND YOU ACROSS OUR CONNECTION — This initiative, through all Connectional meetings, will give our young artists the opportunity to share in the visual and performing arts including art exhibits, praise dance, instrumental and vocal solos, etc.
  • HEALTH & WELLNESS — These initiatives encourage personal fitness and healthy lifestyles.  We will support organizations which advance access to treatment and coordinate awareness and advocacy campaigns to reduce health disparities, save lives and impact health related legislation.  Co-sponsored health forums will address: diseases which disproportionately affect men and women, and present prevention and treatment options.
  • INTERNATIONAL MISSIONARY NETWORK — The goals of this initiative are to end hunger, preserve the environment and empower women.  The program will provide food production skills and training in self-reliance through gifts of seeds and training in environmentally sound agriculture.  Education in sustainable food practices will make women equal partners in ending poverty and hunger.  The Women's Missionary Council will continue its membership in the Bread of the World   organization.


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